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Sexually Transmitted Infections Dental Education Initiative

STIs disproportionately affect the AI/AN population. According to the CDC:

  • The rate of reported chlamydia cases among AI/AN in the United States as 3.7 times the rate among Whites.
  • The rate of reported gonorrhea cases among AI/AN (329.5 cases per 100,000 population) was 4.6 times the rate among Whites.
  • The rate of reported primary and secondary syphilis cases among AI/AN was 2.6 times the rate among Whites
  • From 2014 to 2018, the rate of reported congenital syphilis increased 500% among American Indians/Alaska Natives
  • The rate of HIV diagnoses in the United States among adult and adolescent American Indian/Alaska Native males was greater (16.2) than the rate for White males (9.6). The rate per 100,000 population among American Indian/Alaska Native females was greater (3.0) than for White females (1.7).

The IHS Division of Oral Health, as part of its ongoing promotion of multi-directional integration of oral health and overall health, partnered with the IHS National HIV/AIDS Program to develop a project whereby dental professionals will provide – as requested – patients with education about the oral manifestations of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and distribute a brochure developed by the IHS HIV/AIDS Program. The purpose of this initiative was to determine if it was feasible for dental programs to perform a brief intervention/education to patients about STIs and oral disease, and refer them to available testing resources.