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Division of Program Statistics

Image of DPS Publications

The Division of Program Statistics (DPS) produces the Indian Health Service’s statistical information and publications that measure and document the progress in assuring access to health care services and improving the health status of the American Indian and Alaska Native populations we serve. The DPS data and publications are the most important tools to support the IHS’s mission and goal. They are also the historical and foundational documents that will support the new health initiatives.

Our primary customers are those that the IHS mission and goal directly addresses, primarily the American Indian and Alaska Native people, Tribal leaders, Tribal organizations, and the Urban Indian Health Programs. Additional customers include: the Indian Health Service Area offices and Headquarter’s offices, divisions, and programs, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Congress, federal and state agencies, various countries, academia, researchers, and students. Most customers are served by the statistical information included in the DPS major publications, memoranda, and by special data requests.

The DPS is working with Office of Information Technology on the National Data Warehouse and the Workload/User Populations Data Mart to ensure that they optimize and efficiently produce standard reports and data sets for Agency use in ongoing planning, management, and evaluation.

The DPS will become more active in evaluating its reports and seeking recommendations for additional content for its major publications from other IHS offices and programs, especially content that will address the Director’s initiatives.

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