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Funding Announcement 2015

2015 funding awards were announced in October 2015. The information below is made available for archive purposes only.

The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for the DVPI Fiscal Year 2015Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  is now available. This funding opportunity is open to Tribes, Tribal organizations, urban Indian health programs (UIHPs), and federal IHS facilities. Listed below are the FOA and supporting information and documentation to assist in the application process.

For Tribes, Tribal organizations, and UIHPs:

The DVPI FOA for Tribes, Tribal organizations, and UIHPs was announced via the Federal Register on July 8, 2015. If you are a Tribe, Tribal organization, or UIHP, you must apply through this funding announcement.

DVPI FOA requirements and information on how to applyExit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 

Notification Regarding the Federal Audit Clearinghouse and Obtaining A-133 Audits

Due to a recent cyberattack on the Federal Audit Clearinghouse, the Clearinghouse will be closed for an investigation period. Potential MSPI and DVPI grantees looking to obtain copies of their A-133 Audits will not be able to obtain them during this time. If needed, the IHS Division of Grants Management (DGM) will waive the audit requirements for the MSPI and DVPI applications during the eligibility check process due to this recent development. It is our hope that the Federal Audit Clearinghouse will be functioning as we move into the award phase so that we can determine if "Special Terms and Conditions" will be needed. If the clearinghouse is not functioning at the time DGM needs to issue awards (the Notice of Award and Terms and Conditions), for those applicants selected for funding, DGM will make adjustments if necessary at a later time when we are able to obtain copies of the A-133 Audit as required.

For IHS Federal Facilities

The DVPI federal program award opportunity was announced via IHS on July 8, 2015. If you are an IHS facility, you must apply through this funding announcement.

Download the DVPI federal program award opportunity here for application requirements and information on how to apply.[PDF - 102 KB]

Technical Assistance Webinars

These technical assistance webinars provide guidance for Tribes, Tribal organizations, urban Indian organizations and Federal facilities on how to apply, including a brief overview of the new MSPI/DVPI funding cycle; application and submission process requirements; proposal requirements; and a review of proposal templates and examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the F.A.Q. document [PDF - 245 KB] —UPDATED 08/20— for answers to many common questions regarding the MSPI and DVPI funding opportunity announcement and proposal submission process. If your question is not included in this document, feel free to contact the listed Agency Contact for the specific funding opportunity announcement.

Application Templates and Examples

Once you have read through the funding opportunity announcement you will use the following template documents during the application process. The templates will be used for all Tribes, Tribal organizations, UIHPs, and Federal facilities applications. The funding opportunity announcements will reference each template so please read the funding announcement thoroughly and carefully.

Tips for Preparing a Strong Application [PDF - 76 KB]



Supporting Documents