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Billings Area Funded Projects 2009-2014

Domestic Violence Community Developed Models

Blackfeet DV Reduction Enhancement Program

The Blackfeet DV Reduction Enhancement Program will improve DV services that reduce DV and SA. It will create awareness, provide safety, and help those families living in violence. Agencies will collaborate to provide services to victims and families.

Confederated Salish Kootenai BH Violence Prevention Project

The Behavioral Health Violence Prevention Project will reduce youth violence and domestic violence in adulthood by hosting a youth and parent violence prevention program and creating a curriculum based on Native American Life Skills and historical trauma.

Crow Strong Sprits Program

The Strong Spirits Program will address DV, child maltreatment, and substance abuse. The project will increase DV awareness at the hospital, support SANE training, support direct intervention at the hospital, and provide self-defense classes.

Sexual Assault Community Developed Models

Fort Belknap Tribal Health Family Violence Prevention

The Fort Belknap Indian community aims to implement a well-coordinated response to victims of sexual assault. The program will provide training to the Fort Belknap Health facility and to all service providers.

Fort Peck Family Violence Resource Center DV SA Program

The purpose of the project is to implement and develop a community coordinated response protocol to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault within Fort Peck tribal communities.

Northern Cheyenne Tribe Healing Hearts DV SA Program

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe Healing Hearts Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault program will serve 4,500 women and children affected by domestic violence. Partnerships have been developed to provide DV and SA services and to collect data.