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Phoenix Area Funded Projects 2009-2014

Domestic Violence Community Developed Models

Hualapai Tribe DVPI

Hualapai Tribe’s DVPI will educate the community on the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault; the primary concern would be to break the cycle of violence against Native women. The project will hold batterers accountable for their actions.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

The Salt River DVPI Project will enhance access to and support of the delivery of evidence-based or practice-based domestic violence prevention and intervention services through outreach, policy development, and community and school education programs.

Ute Indian Tribe DVPI

The Ute Indian Tribe will create a multidisciplinary domestic violence/sexual assault response team. It will establish domestic violence and sexual assault education for tribal leadership, court systems, human service agencies, and tribal communities.