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Physical Activity Kit (PAK)

Physical Activity Kit box

What is the Physical Activity Kit?

The PAK is based on best and promising practices to increase physical activity. The PAK toolkit can be used in schools, communities, worksites, Head Start programs, elderly centers, and youth programs. The goal of the PAK is to increase the time American Indians and Alaskan Natives spend in medium to high physical activity for all ages across the lifespan. While the activities have been field tested to be culturally appropriate for Native communities, others might find PAK useful in their community.

Learn more about the PAK toolkit through the following videos and downloadable books.

PAK Book #6, or the Adults and Family Book, [PDF - 3.9 MB] contains a variety of physical activities that can be done by a family. There is no video for this book.

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Staying on the Active Path in Native Communities: A Lifespan Approach

This PAK video, from the perspective of training participants, relates the features and benefits of the PAK kit, which promotes physical activities for all ages and encourages participating communities to adapt PAK materials to their own cultures.

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    PAK Book 1: Youth Activities

    PAK Book #1: Young People — Turn Around Game [PDF - 1.8 MB] contains fun and interactive physical activities for school-age children that can be used in the classroom or group settings. The physical activities include individual, partner and group activities.

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      PAK Book 2: Mt. Pathways

      PAK Book #2: Mt. Pathways' Yellow Bead Trail Challenge [PDF - 1.1 MB] focuses on participants' progress through five trails with increasing levels of physical activity.

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      PAK Book 3: Modified Games

      PAK Book #3, Modified American Indian Games, [PDF - 1.1 MB] contains traditional games that have been modified to provide more opportunity for physical activity.

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      PAK Book 4: Exercise Breaks

      PAK Book #4 Exercise Breaks: Low Stretches, Rag Doll, Dragon Trail [PDF - 1.1 MB] contains simple and short duration (2-10 minutes) activity breaks that can be done in a small space with no equipment and set-up.

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      PAK Book 5: Kids Exercise

      PAK Book #5, Young Children and Exercise Breaks "Personal Space and Animal Walks," [PDF - 2.2 MB] contains physical activities and movement for infants, toddlers, and preschool children.

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      PAK Book 7: Older Adults

      PAK Book #7: Older Adults "Warm-Up, Cardiovascular, Strength, Cool-Down," [PDF - 5.4 MB] contains physical activities from Healthy Body Awareness, a physical activity and nutrition education program for Navajo elders.

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      PAK Book 8: Resources

      Resources – PAK Book #8 [PDF - 1 MB], or the Resources Book, contains titles, descriptions and web links for physical activities and resources.