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Ashley Tuomi Urban American Indian Health and Family Services of SE Michigan, Inc. 313-846-3718
Brian Kaplan IHS Office of Environmental Health and Engineering, IHS Headquarters 301-443-0142
Bryce Redgrave IHS Billings Area IHS 406-247-7102
Charles Merrill IHS Great Plains Area IHS 605-335-2506
Renee Fondren Tribal Chickasaw Nation Department of Health, Oklahoma 580-272-5181
Donnie Parish Tribal Cherokee Nation Health Services, Oklahoma 918-458-3100
Lindsay King IHS Oklahoma Area IHS 405-951-0000
Mitch Thornbrugh IHS Office of Information Technology, IHS Headquarters 301-443-2019
Michael Toedt IHS Office of the Director, IHS Headquarters 301-443-1083
Michele Miller IHS Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center, Oregon 541-553-2174
Nicolas Barton Tribal Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, Oklahoma 405-422-7659
Stacy Bohlen IHS National Indian Health Board 202-507-4070
Stewart Ferguson Tribal Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium 907-729-2262
Ty Reidhead IHS Phoenix Area IHS 602-364-5039