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Site Scores

The LRP assigns site scores to health facilities based on their needs for specific health profession disciplines. Loan repayment awards will be made only to those individuals serving at facilities which have a site score of 17 or above through March 1, if funding is available. Awards are given to the applications that match the highest priorities until all funding runs out.

How to Use the Site Scores List

LRP Site Score Lists are arranged by HPSAs on a scale of 0-25 for primary care and mental health, and 0-26 for dental health, with higher scores indicating greater need. All eligible health profession disciplines, other than dental and mental health, will be assigned the primary care score.

Please note that facilities will have different scores depending on the health profession discipline most needed at that location. For instance, a site may have a score of 16 for dentists, but 25 for behavioral health.

Contact the LRP branch office if you have any questions about your health profession site score.

Site Scores

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