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Director's Award for Customer Service


This award recognizes service that has significantly advanced the IHS mission and vision and strategic goals and objectives through customer service. This award is designed to recognize innovation and exceptional performance and/or exemplary actions resulting in quality service to customers, stakeholders, and/or partners of the IHS.


All IHS employees or team of employees, including Tribal employees and contractors. Teams may consist of employees from the same organization or from a number of different organizations.


  • An act of outstanding customer service that clearly required an in-depth understanding of the needs of the customer
  • An achievement in customer service that demonstrates possession of technical understanding, capability and imagination to devise creative solutions to challenging problems confronting our customers
  • Instances or situations where the nominated individual or team has provided outstanding customer service by going beyond expectations to:
    • Fully understand a customer's situation
    • Seek out an effective way to address the customer's needs; and
    • Follow up to ensure that the needs have been met and that the customer is happy with the result
  • Performance should clearly exceed expectations