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Indian Health Service Announces Solicitation for Leadership, Long-Term Coaching, Mentoring Services for IHS Rosebud Hospital

Hospital management contracting opportunity open to tribally owned business

The Indian Health Service (IHS) announced a contracting opportunity to provide executive leadership at the IHS Rosebud Hospital in Rosebud, South Dakota, eventually transitioning to a coaching and mentoring role as top level administrative positions are filled with permanent employees. This effort to improve hospital management is one of the key requirements of the Systems Improvement Agreement between IHS and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services designed to improve services at the hospital to fully meet safety and quality of care standards.

The opportunity is being announced as a sole source solicitation, under provisions of the Small Business Act related to tribally owned businesses, to Rosebud Electronic Integration Corporation, a company owned by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

“This announcement demonstrates the IHS commitment to innovation in working with tribes to provide access to quality health care for patients,” said IHS Principal Deputy Director Mary L. Smith. “This unique contract will provide expert short-term leadership while helping us build capacity and train permanent leaders to ensure sustainable improvement. IHS is taking decisive action to improve our ability to deliver quality health care in the Great Plains Area and across the IHS system. Investing in our staff and developing effective leaders is part of our overall quality improvement strategy.”

Phase II of the Systems Improvement Agreement calls for the services of an experienced and qualified hospital management firm to provide a team of coaches and consultants to work on-site with hospital executive leaders, which include chief executive officer, chief operations officer, chief nurse officer, chief medical officer and chief quality management officer.

IHS is working to ensure that the hospital has strong permanent leadership in order to provide quality health care to patients. This arrangement is intended to fill these positions with experienced and qualified personal services contractors until such a time that individuals are hired to permanently fill these roles, and once permanent federal employees begin working in these management positions, the personal services contractors will transition to the roles of coaches/consultants for the permanent federal employees.

This follows the October announcement of a Request for Proposal for coaching and mentoring at IHS Pine Ridge Hospital in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Throughout this year, IHS has been collaborating with tribal leaders and local health partners on a series of actions to aggressively confront some of the long-standing health care service challenges in the Great Plains Area, pursuing solutions that will bring sustainable improvements in quality of care at regional hospitals and facilities, like IHS Pine Ridge Hospital, and those across the IHS system:

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