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2019 Press Releases

Oct 28, 2019
IHS Announces New Billings Area Director

Oct 17, 2019
IHS awards $15 million for eight tribal health facilities

Oct 7, 2019
IHS Awards $2.4 million to Tribal Epidemiology Centers for diagnosis, treatment and response to HIV, hepatitis C and STIs

Sep 27, 2019
Rear Adm. Michael D. Weahkee Statement on the Verdict in the Trial of Former IHS Pediatrician Stanley Patrick Weber

Sep 27, 2019
IHS Awards $1 Million to NCUIH for Urban Indian Education and Research Program

Sep 26, 2019
IHS Awards Tribal Management Grants to Support Tribal Self-Determination

Jul 29, 2019
IHS Announces New Navajo Area Director

Jul 1, 2019
IHS awards funding to three urban Indian organizations through the 4-in-1 grant opportunity

Jun 28, 2019
Statement by the IHS Principal Deputy Director, Rear Adm. Michael D. Weahkee, on new training that focuses on reporting procedures and organizational safeguards for preventing abuse

Jun 27, 2019
IHS and Cherokee Nation launch new HIV pilot project

May 13, 2019
IHS Principal Deputy Director Michael Weahkee statement on announcement of contract for medical quality assurance review

Apr 4, 2019
IHS Announces New Great Plains Area Director

Apr 1, 2019
IHS Awards $7.5 Million to Urban Indian Organizations through the 4-in-1 Grant Opportunity

Mar 28, 2019
IHS and ACOG release clinical recommendations to improve care of American Indian, Alaska Native women with opioid use disorder

Mar 26, 2019
IHS Principal Deputy Director Michael Weahkee Statement on Announcement of White House Child Protection Task Force

Mar 19, 2019
Indian Health Service highlights initiative to eliminate hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS in Indian Country during National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Feb 27, 2019
Indian Health Service Releases Five-Year Plan to Guide Ongoing Efforts in Providing Quality Health Care

Feb 7, 2019
IHS Announces New Nashville Area Director

Feb 7, 2019
Statement on 'Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America' by IHS Principal Deputy Director Rear Adm. Michael D. Weahkee