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Rear Adm. Michael D. Weahkee Statement on the Verdict in the Trial of Former IHS Pediatrician Stanley Patrick Weber

The Indian Health Service is pleased with today's verdict as well as the verdict in Montana last year. While this was a long-awaited victory, we know that it will not completely heal the wounds inflicted on Dr. Weber's victims.

The Indian Health Service is committed to ensuring a culture of quality, leadership and accountability. We prioritize a workforce that is dedicated and trustworthy. Protecting our patients is a key element of delivering quality care. I believe that everyone at the Indian Health Service has a role to play in preventing sexual abuse within our system. That is why we are doing all we can throughout our agency to strengthen our protection for patients.

We would like to make it known that if any of Dr. Weber's victims seek professional counseling, the Indian Health Service is ready to provide that service. Services do not have to be at an IHS facility or with an IHS provider. You may call our hotline at 1-301-443-0658 to request this service. We will ensure confidentiality when contacting the IHS hotline.