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The IHS National Core Formulary is not an inclusive formulary, but should be considered a baseline to build upon. These agents were reviewed clinically and were considered as standard of care medications for frequently encountered disease states within the Indian Health System. Agents listed on the IHS National Core Formulary should be available on your local formulary.

National Core Formulary Review Request Form
The NPTC seeks input from the field concerning potential topics for consideration. If you would like the NPTC to review a particular drug or drug class, please fill out the Formulary Review Request Form.

Updated: March 30, 2016

National Core Formulary [Excel - 23 KB]
This spreadsheet allows for sorting and direct document links to formulary briefs.

National Core Formulary (sorted by Generic Name) [PDF - 652 KB]

National Core Formulary (sorted by Pharmacologic Category) [PDF - 650 KB]