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COVID Therapeutics Team Daily Schedule

COVID Therapeutics Cell Phone


  • Pick up the cell phone at the beginning of your shift. If you are working from home, TEXT the phone at the beginning and end of the day so calls can be forwarded and unforwarded to you. Please note that if you do this you will not be getting missed calls/voicemails from overnight or texts during the day to please arrange with one of your on-site helpers for the day to still carry the physical phone.
  • Types of Calls
    • Positive Home Test
      • GSU contact tracers will notify you about patients with a positive home test who are 18+, have COVID symptoms and symptom onset was within the past 7 days
    • Return phone calls about treatment
    • Random COVID questions! Refer patients to the COVID Hotline M-Fri 505-726-5888 if not related to COVID Therapeutics

ICare List

ONLY the COVID Treatment Team member of the day is responsible for repopulating the Master COVID Positive list and assigning patients to other providers to review

  1. Only the main provider should repopulate the master list as this is how we keep track of patients
  2. When you come in for the day you will see the “COVID positive past 48 hours – Therapeutics MASTER” list. The provider from the day before should have deleted all of the patients that they have called, so the list should have 0 patients on it.
  3. Repopulate – by RIGHT CLICKING on the list – be sure to say “YES” to both of the pop ups below, otherwise all of the positives in the last week will pop up again!! Repopulate Panel window displaying message: The patient list for this panel may be updated during repopulation and cannot be undone. Do you want to continue? Yes/No Maintain Manual Changes window displaying message: This panel has been edited manually (patients added or removed). Do you want tokeep your manual changes while repopulating? Yes/No/Cancel
  4. You can assign patients for the other staff to call as needed:
    1. Manually add these patients to a staff member’s list, i.e. “Gabrellas to call”
    2. If you are not the main COVID Treatment Team Member please do not go through the “live” list to avoid duplication, wait for assigned patients
  5. At the end of the day, call all of the patients that have repopulated and delete them all.
    1. If there are any high risk patients that need to be contacted again you can leave them on the list
  6. If you are HELPING the main provider make phone calls, let them know to add patients to your list
    1. Create a list in icare “[ your name here] to call”
      1. *New panel-> name the panel-> manually add patients -> SHARE read/WRITE RPMS Sharing window with Shared With and Read/Write highlighted
      2. Patients will be added to your list. Delete them as you go
      3. Confirm with the main provider any changes to available or drug shortage

If you have questions during the day you call Alithea Gabrellas at 505-399-0219


  • A patient wants an IV COVID treatment but doesn’t have childcare for their COVID positive/COVID exposed child? This is a common problem and the COVID infusion staff do not mind if patients bring their children with them to the infusion appt if this is the only option
  • A patient needs home infusion of mAB but is at the Hotel/Motel program? One Care infusion will go to the Howard Johnson. Write the patient’s room number on the prescription and that they need infusion at Howard Johnson. Also call 505-231-8169 to let the Hotel/Motel program know the One Care staff will be coming to treat the patient.
  • A patient tested positive at home or at another facility. Do they need a second test at GIMC to qualify for treatment or do I need to get a hard copy of the outside test? No
  • Another service unit is calling asking if we can provide a COVID treatment to their patient? As long as their patient meets the criteria we are currently using at GIMC for that treatment you may provide it
  • What if the patient I am screening is not a beneficiary? If they are a hospital employee or dependent of an employee they are eligible for treatment here. If they are not, first option would be to refer them outside of GIMC for treatment if available (ie. Refer to One Care for mAB infusion, order oral drugs at an outside pharmacy). If this is not an option and patient will be denied standard of care due to non-beneficiary status Dr Freidman or Dr. Erica Lindsay (acting CMO) may authorize treatment at GIMC on a case by case basis
  • The patient needs a letter for work. Refer to the COVID Hotline. If an employee, refer to employee health

Phone numbers

One Care Pharmacy: 505-726-4155 Fax: 505-726-4304

COVID Infusion RN: 505-979-1765

COVID Infusion Front Desk/Scheduler: 505-722-1553

Medical Records: 505-722-1116

COVID Therapeutics Phone (cell phone our team carries): 505-339-8898 

PHN Office: 505-722-1746

Hotel Isolation Referral: 505-231-8169

Occupational Health: 505-722-1381

Car Testing: Ashley Bruno, PA-C is their lead clinical officer

COVID RN Hotline: 726-5888

Pharmacy Number (for Paxlovid pick-up for pt to call): 722-1185