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Early Remdesivir Call Script

Hello, my name is --- and I am a (physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, pharmacist etc) calling from Gallup Indian Medical Center to follow up with you after you were tested for COVID-19. Has anyone been able to reach you yet regarding your test result?

If no, please discuss items on bottom of page 2 before proceeding to remdesivir discussion.

If yes and patient is aware of positive result:

Has anyone talked with you yet about treatment for COVID-19? We have several different outpatient treatments now for COVID-19 but based on your medical history, a medication called remdesivir may be the best choice for you. Remdesivir works better the sooner we can give it after someone’s symptoms start. Can I verify with you what day you first started having symptoms? Please note that the first day of symptoms is day 0

If patient has already been symptomatic for >7 days or has no symptoms they are not eligible for this treatment. If the patient has no symptoms at this time but would otherwise be eligible for treatment please provide them with the number to the COVID Therapeutics cell phone where they can call back ASAP if any symptoms do develop.

If the patient does have symptoms that have been present for less than 7 days please screen them for medical eligibility starting with BMI.

If the patient is eligible for treatment: 

Can I give you some information about the remdesivir treatment to see if you might be interested?”

It’s a medication that is given through an IV for 3 days in a row. For patients who are interested they come to the hospital for daily appointments for 3 days and they’re usually here for about 2 hours each time getting the treatment and then they go home afterwards. The medication works by shutting down the ability of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID) to make more copies of itself. If you receive the daily IV treatments for the full 3 day course it reduces the chance that the virus can get worse to where a person may need to come into the hospital, or even die from COVID-19, by about 85%. Unlike some of the other treatments we have for COVID-19, remdesivir was one of the first medications developed to fight SARS-CoV-2 and has been around for over 2 years now so it’s now fully FDA approved. Is this medication something you think you might be interested in?

If yes:

Great. I just need to ask you some questions to confirm that you are a candidate for this medication. This medication is not safe for people who have very severe kidney or liver problems. Have you ever been told that you have any problems with your kidneys or liver? Make sure to also review the EHR to see if patient has a recent CMP on file or if problem list/last PCP note has any renal or hepatic diagnoses listed. You can let the patient know we will also be checking baseline labs at their first infusion clinic visit if not done within the past 7 days.

If no:

Great. I will place a referral for you for the COVID ambulatory infusion clinic and they will call you to help you schedule your first appointment. You don’t have to call them, they will call you, but just in case you have trouble connecting with them or miss their call you can reach them at 505-722-1553 to make sure you get scheduled. Can I confirm the best number where they can reach you?

Please also make sure the patient has transportation to the appointment. If the patient anticipates that coming in for infusion appointments 3 days in a row may not be possible you can also offer bebtelovimab which is a one-time infusion and can also be given at home via One Care Home Infusion (see monoclonal antibody call script). When you enter a COVID Ambulatory Infusion Consult make sure to text the COVID infusion clinic RN at 505-979-1765 to make them aware of the consult so they can call the patient to schedule the first appt ASAP.

If patient is not yet aware of their COVID test result

  1. Make patient aware of test result
  2. Briefly discuss isolation requirements
  3. Briefly discuss testing of close contacts (within 6 feet for >15 minutes with or without a mask during patient’s infectious period which starts 48 hours prior to symptom onset). Contacts should test immediately and again at day 5-7 after exposure (or sooner if any symptoms develop)