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Recognition and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis in Indian Country

To support I.H.S. clinical providers in response to the relatively high incidence of tuberculosis in Indian Country, the I.H.S. National Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee has developed a clinical toolkit with products for you and your patients about the recognition and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI). These products include accurate, science-based evidence that we hope can help you to improve your practice in support of our agency goal to eliminate TB in Indian Country.

You are the most trusted source of information when your patients have questions or concerns about infectious diseases like tuberculosis. You can help them stay healthy by—

  • Talking to your patients with high-risk conditions (such as type 2 diabetes) about the importance of screening and treatment for LTBI.
  • Taking every opportunity to screen patients at risk for LTBI (especially those with diabetes, HIV infection, lymphoma/leukemia, head/neck cancer, silicosis, renal failure, treatment with TNF-alpha inhibitors, and immune compromising conditions) and to treat those who test positive.

To assist you with this, the toolkit for healthcare providers includes—

  • Resources to support an effective screening and treatment program for LTBI, and resources about tuberculosis for you to share with patients and display in your office settings.