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Hopi Health Care Center

Hopi Health Care Center


Hopi Health Care Center
PHS Indian Health Services
P.O. Box 4000
Polacca, Arizona 86042
Phone: 928-737-6000

About Us

The emergency room operates 24-hours a day and Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) responders are available at all times. Diabetes prevention treatment is provided both individually and in group settings, i.e. kitchen creation/eating healthy programs are available. A nutritionist works as part of this team to monitor, track, and create healthy living and lifestyle recommendations. Podiatry services are available on a scheduled basis through contract specialists. Physical therapy and well-child visits are conducted in an outpatient setting, by appointment. Public health nursing works with the Hopi Tribe Community Health Workers to monitor, follow-up, and provide individual and group health interventions. Tribal Behavioral Health Services are also available 24-hours a day.


  • After-hours Clinic/Urgent Care
  • Behavioral Health (Crisis Response Team)
  • Community Health Workers
  • Community-wide Emergency Response Teams for all catastrophic events
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Dental
  • Diabetes Intervention
  • EMS Services
  • Environmental Health
  • Medical Stabilization
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Public Health Nursing
  • SANE Responders

Registration and Admission

Each patient visit at HHCC starts with a check-in with our customer service team at the front desk. (Note: If there is an emergency, patients go straight to the emergency room for care.) One form of identification is needed at the time of check in; acceptable forms include a state identification card, certificate of Indian blood, and/or proof of health insurance (if applicable). If a patient is experiencing pain and a qualified medical provider deems care to be an emergency, the patient will be seen immediately but a licensed health care professional.

Insurance and Managed Care

If a patient is covered under a health insurance plan, the hospital will take all insurance information (including Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, etc.) for billing and reimbursement. All qualified American Indian patients who do not have health insurance, can receive care at the Hopi Critical Assess Hospital at no cost to them. If specialized services are needed (i.e. treatment for aggressive cancer), the patient will be referred out to a specialized medical provider. If the patient does not have health insurance, a contact from our Purchased and Referred Care office will follow-up with the patient.

Access to Patient Public Health Record

The HHCC assures the strictest confidentiality of all patient care, services, and information. Patients may request copies of their health care files by written request. This request must be submitted to the Medical Records Department, which is open to the general public from 8:00-5:00PM, Monday through Friday.