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Visitor Policy

PIMC Visitor Policy

Creating a safe and secure atmosphere for our patients and health care workers during the COVID-19 outbreak is necessary. The following visitation restrictions are effective immediately:

  • No visitors allowed in the Emergency Department or inpatient hospital rooms. The only exception is for pediatric patients (under the age of 18) who may have one (1) adult visitor with them, and laboring mothers, who may have one support person present.
  • Visitors accompanying pediatric and laboring patients must have a negative COVID-19 screen and must wear a visitor badge.
  • Outpatient surgery patients may have one visitor. Patients and visitors must have a negative COVID-19 screen. The screened visitor must wear a visitor badge.
  • Pediatric clinic patients may be accompanied by one (1) adult.
  • Outpatient clinic patients may have one (1) visitor present. Visitor and patient must have a negative COVID-19 screen.
  • No visitors are allowed to enter a patient room if the patient is being isolated for suspected COVID-19.

Exceptions to this policy (e.g., patients who require a home caregiver to be trained; patients at the end-of-life; or other similar unusual circumstances), must be cleared by the clinical area supervisor!

If you have questions about visitor restrictions, please call us at 602-263-1200 and speak with an operator.