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Whiteriver Indian Hospital

Whiteriver Hospital
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provides 24/7 suicidal crisis and emotional support services via a toll-free hotline by dialing or texting 988

This service is free and confidential.


200 W Hospital Dr
Whiteriver, AZ 85941

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 860
Whiteriver, AZ 85941

Hours of Operation

Outpatient Clinics
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 5:00PM

Public Health Nursing
Monday - Friday
7:00AM - 5:30PM
Emergency Room/Urgent Care: 24/7

Who should I call?

Main Hospital: 928-338-4911 - Fax - 928-338-3522
Cibecue Health Center: 928-332-2560 - Fax - 928-332-2418
Medical Records/Clinical Information: 928-338-3788 Fax 928-338-1395 (SECURE)
Purchased Referred Care: 928-338-3629 Fax 928-338-3521
Pharmacy: 928-338-3502, Medication Refill Line: 928-338-3643
Patient Advocacy Services: 928-338-3644
Employment Opportunities: 928-338-3558


Clinic A1 - 928-338-3630
Clinic A2 - 928-338-3632
Clinic B - 928-338-3633
Clinic C - 928-338-3636
Dental - 928-338-3615
Optometry - 928-338-3621


Chief Executive Officer: Michelle Martinez
Phone: 928-338-3551

Clinical Director: Dr. James McAuley
Phone: 928-338-3550

Administrative Officer: Brian Campbell, Acting
Phone: 928-338-3553

About the Facility

The Whiteriver Indian Hospital is located at Whiteriver, AZ on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. The hospital is located about three miles north of Whiteriver and serves approximately 17,000 tribal members and other Native American communities around the area. Residents to the northwest are served through the Cibecue Health Center, fifty miles from Whiteriver. Whiteriver is within 20 to 30 miles from the resort towns of Pinetop, Lakeside and Show Low.

Whiteriver hospital is designated as a Baby Friendly Hospital. The hospital is The Joint Commission (TJC) accredited and staffed by 22 physicians, podiatrist, five nurse practitioners, five dentists, two optometrists, and about 79 nursing staff members. The hospital is a 40-bed facility.

We provide general medical, pediatrics, alcohol treatment, mental health, obstetric services and ambulatory surgery. Patients requiring inpatient surgical procedures and complex medical care are referred to Phoenix Indian Medical Center or contract-care hospitals. Ground and air transport are available. The Whiteriver Hospital is also the base for major research projects that include gastroenteritis and pneumococcal diseases.

The Cibecue Health Center is approximately 50 miles northwest of Whiteriver, Arizona, this health center is staffed by two physicians and one dentist, and provides outpatient, urgent care, optometry and dental services to the communities of Cibecue and Carrizo. These services receive support from the White Mountain Apache Tribal Emergency Medical Services program.