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Community Health Representative

The Community Health Representative (CHR) Program is an Indian Health Service funded, primarily a tribally contracted and directed program of well-trained, community-based health paraprofessionals, who provide health care and health promotion and disease prevention services in their tribal communities. Tribes have the flexibility to hire and design health care programs to meet Tribal members health needs through coordinated care for community members in their homes. CHRs are members of the combined health care team serving each community. Many health problems are preventable and the educational and related health services CHRs provide can result in healthier lifestyles, earlier treatment, lower morbidity and lower health care costs.

CHRs attend a 2 week basic course emphasizing Public Health and home care concepts and skills. Completion of pre-course training modules is required prior to attending the training. Thereafter, CHRs attend a 1 week refresher training every 3 years to update their health care skills. CHR PCC software allows CHRs to document workload and direct patient activities. Basic, Refresher, First Responder and CHR PCC training are offered on an annual basis.

The CHR Listserv keeps CHRs informed about upcoming trainings, developments, funding opportunities and provides a means of responding to questions or issues which have a national impact.

The Area CHR Consultant provides technical assistance regarding CHR related issues/concerns, program reviews, orientation and facilitates CHR PCC training and other health related trainings.

Did you know ...

  • there are 38 CHR Programs in the Phoenix Area
  • there are 264 CHR Programs with over 1400 CHRs nationwide
  • CHRs provide 16 categories of services that make a difference in patient's lives

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Contact Information

If you are seeking medical treatment at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC), please call 602-263-1200. If this is an inquiry about the Community Health Representative program for the Phoenix Area Office, please call the Phoenix Area Office of Health Programs at 602-364-5179.