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Environmental Health

We provide the highest quality, comprehensive, environmental health services and programs in partnership with tribes in the Phoenix Area.


Food safety in cafes and schools; safe environments in day care centers and Head Starts; Hantavirus and rabid animals; and reducing radiation exposure to patients at healthcare facilities are all concerns of the Office of Environmental Health and Engineering Division of Environmental Health Services (DEHS). We are DEHS Sanitarians, Injury Prevention Specialists and Institutional Environmental Control Officers are professionals in the U.S. Public Health Service.

We not only work to improve the health of American Indians, we also work to help Native American communities maintain their traditions in a safe and sanitary manner.

Informing Indian communities about infectious diseases and providing food inspection are two of the many services provided.

DEHS personnel are continually learning the latest techniques in epidemiology, injury prevention, and institutional environmental health to ensure that the Phoenix Area American Indian population receives the best possible health care information available.

More information on the specific work that is done in each of these programs can be found on the Division of Environmental Health Services (DEHS) website.

Services Provided

  • Environmentally-Related Disease Surveillance/Control
  • Community Injury Prevention
  • Rabies Vaccinations Clinics
  • JCAHO- Environment of Care Mock Surveys
  • Institutional Radiation Protection
  • Workplace Safety Management
  • Environmental Assessments

Environmental Health Officers

  • Education: B.S. Degree in Environmental Health from an NEHSPAC accredited school, or school of Public Health
  • Credentials: Registered Sanitarians (RS) or Environmental Health Specialists (REHS) and those pursuing professional registration
  • Specialties: Generalists, Institutional Environmental Control Officers, Injury Prevention Specialists

Contact Information

Contact the Office of Environmental Health and Engineering / Field Offices: 602-364-5069