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P.L. 93-638 Title I Contracting and Self-Governance Title V Compacting

The Phoenix Area Indian Health Service (Indian Self-Determination) program is designed to help ensure the successful transition from Federal to tribal control of health care services.

The Phoenix Area Office of Self-Determination in the Phoenix Area Indian Health Service has been instrumental in supporting tribes in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada in their self-management of community health programs, clinics and hospitals. Nearly 100% of tribes in the Phoenix Area Indian Health Service have at least some of their health services under tribal management. For more information, see the Self-Governance site.

P.L. 94-437 Indian Health Care Improvement Act Title V Urban Indian Health Programs

Provide direction and oversight of Title V, buy-Indian Contracts with Urban Indian Health Programs, including technical assistance, advice and instructions in the development of program goals and objectives. Conduct on-site Annual Program Review and Evaluation of Urban Indian Health Programs as mandated by the Act. Provide advocacy for the Urban Indian Health Programs with other agencies e.g. Local, State, and Other Federal.

Contact Information

Office of Self-Determination: 602-364-5354