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Phoenix Area has taken a leading role to implement and ensure a telecommunications infrastructure is available to support service units and facilities implementing Tele-Health modalities (Tele-Radiology, Tele-Dermatology, Tele-Psychiatry, etc.). Phoenix Area is actively collaborating with the Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP), Navajo Area IHS, University of Nevada School of Medicine, University of Nevada- Las Vegas Information Systems Department and the Information Technology Support Center (ITSC/HQW) on network infrastructure upgrades, Tele-Health services/support and digital imaging archive solutions. Tele-Health applications provide for increased patient access and clinical staff resources not previously available due to the rural locations and limitations of IHS and tribal facilities.

Contact Information

If you are seeking medical treatment at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC), please call 602-263-1200. If this is an inquiry about the Telemedicine program for the Phoenix Area Office, please call the Phoenix Area Office of Health Programs at 602-364-5179.