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Physician Assistants

Physician collage

A Vital Primary Health Care Resource for Rural and Frontier Communities

Currently, there are over 250 PAs meeting the health care needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the world of IHS medicine. In IHS PAs are credentialed to work in Emergency and Family Practice Settings. Our PAs provide essential services in specialty clinics and programs, such as orthopedics, diabetes care, surgery, geriatric, pediatric, women's health, hospitalist and community health. PAs offer continuity, comprehensiveness and coordination of care, all vital components to meeting patient need in the medical home.

Physician Assistants in IHS pride themselves on being part of a multidisciplinary team as they fulfill the mission and responsibilities of improving the quality of medical care provided to American Indians and Alaska Natives who suffer from many illnesses and diseases at rates several times higher than the overall US population.

As one of the core disciplines on the IHS medical team, PAs expand the reaches of health services to our AI/AN by practicing in isolated settings where the nearest medical center may be hours away. IHS values the high-quality and cost-effective care provided by PAs.

If you desire to be part of a healthcare team, dedicated to decreasing health disparity to our Nation's First People then becoming a PA in IHS is the career choice for you!