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RPMS EHR Vendor Letter

Medicare or Medicaid may request proof that a facility has a certified product. IHS can provide a vendor letter for RPMS users to provide to Medicare or Medicaid.

The facility may request a vendor letter for either their Eligible Hospital (EH; inpatient), Eligible Provider (EP; ambulatory) or both by completing the following form.

Request Process

  • Enter information in the fields below (all fields are mandatory).
  • Click the "Submit" button.
  • IHS will process the request for each facility.
  • IHS will issue a letter to the requesting practice within ten business days of the initial request.
  • The facility will receive the signed IHS EHR Vendor letter via email.
  • The letter will be emailed to the individual who made the request.

Request for IHS RPMS EHR Vendor Letter

Product Version: (may choose 1 EP and or 1 EH option)