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Infrastructure Applications

Infrastructure applications provide the RPMS environment with management, development, and communication tools. The VA Kernel software application ensures a seamless transaction between the underlying operating system and application code. It also provides users with the Kernel Toolkit, which supplements the Kernel software package with development and quality assessment tools, capacity management tools, and system management utilities. VA FileMan, the RPMS database management system, is the application that pulls it all together.
Data Warehouse Export System (BDW)
Distribution Management Package (ADS)
FileMan v22 Upgrade (DI)
Fileman-To-Cache Class Conversion (BFMC)
HL-7 (HL)
IHS Communications Support (BCOM)
IHS Kernal Toolkit Extensions (BXT)
IHS Support for HL7 Interfaces (BHL)
IHS VA Support Files (AVA)
Kernel Toolkit (XT)
Kernel v8 plus upgrades (XU)
MailMan (XM)
Q-Man Documentation (AMQQ)
Remote Procedure Call [RPC] Broker (XWB)
RPMS/Ensemble Cache Classes Database File (BMW)