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Job Aids

BHS v4.0 Issues to Consider Before Installation [PDF - 46 KB]
This document provides important information for Site Managers to consider before installation and can be helpful in planning for the transition to the new version.

Electronic Signature Set-Up Instructions [PDF - 11 KB]
This Job Aid is intended to assist users in establishing an Electronic Signature in RPMS.

BHS v4.0 Connection Set-Up Guide[PDF - 48 KB]
This Job Aid is intended to assist users in setting up a connection from the BHS v4.0 GUI to the server when logging on to the BHS v4.0 GUI for the first time.

Behavioral Health System v4.0 Troubleshooting Guide [PDF - 33 KB]

BHS Export Error Messages [PDF - 26 KB]
This Job Aid is intended to assist in the process of exporting data from BHS v4.0 to IHS Headquarters. A list of errors in data entry can be obtained before the export process by selecting "CHK" (Check Records Before Export) from the Export Utility Menu in the Managers Utility Module of BHS v4.0. This list of error codes also offers explanations and corrective action.

If an error is listed on the CHK report, it is not being passed to PCC. Because the RPMS Third Party Billing application and some commercial products pull records for processing from PCC, those visits that haven't passed from the BHS application to PCC will not be submitted for payment.

Screen Man and Full Screen Crib Sheet June 2006 [PDF - 48 KB]
This Job Aid is intended to assist BHS v4.0 users in utilizing Screen Man and Full Screen editing tools.

Activity Codes [PDF - 80 KB]
Activity Codes are used to document the type of service or activity performed by the behavioral health provider. These activities might be patient related or administrative in nature. Only one activity code may be used for each record regardless of how much time is expended or how diverse the services offered.

Purpose of Visit [PDF - 92 KB]
In the RPMS behavioral health applications the Purpose of Visit (POV) is recorded as either a BH Problem Code or DSM-5 code. This job aid lists the current BH Problem Codes and displays the ICD-10 codes that they will be converted to when passed to PCC. Since the Problem Codes generally map to generic ICD-10 codes, providers are encouraged to use the more specific DSM-5 codes whenever possible.

Problem Code Groupings [PDF - 82 KB]
This table contains a listing of the Problem Code Groupings that can be used when generating reports. Each Problem Code Group contains a combination of DSM-5, BH Problem Codes, and ICD-10 Codes.