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RPMS Behavioral Health


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RPMS Behavioral Health Feedback

RPMS Behavioral Health System v4.0

The Behavioral Health System (AMH) is a module of the Resource and Patient Management System designed specifically for documenting and tracking patient care related to behavioral health. AMH v4.0 is a separate but integrated RPMS application and supports direct provider entry of clinical information. Individual patient encounters, group services, treatment plans, case management information and community-based activities can be documented in the AMH.

RPMS Electronic Health Record and Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health programs have used the RPMS Behavioral Health System (AMH) for electronic documentation of behavioral health (BH) visits for many years. The AMH database is separate from PCC, although the system can be set up to pass AMH clinical information to PCC. This integration of behavioral and medical information supports coordinated care and improved health outcomes.

Many behavioral health providers expressed a desire to document their visits in the RPMS EHR to take advantage of the improved access to medical information, clinical note templates, and computerized provider order entry. Expanding the use of the EHR to behavioral health providers supports the integration of primary and behavioral health care. With the behavioral health visit functionality, BH face-to-face patient encounters, telephone calls and chart reviews can be entered into RPMS using the EHR. These visits can populate both the PCC and AMH databases. Access to BH clinical notes can be limited through the use of business rules.

If desired, behavioral health providers can use a combination of the EHR and AMH to enter data into RPMS and run reports on BH activities. Facilities are reminded that the export process for AMH data is separate from PCC, so submission of AMH visit and other information, including suicide report form (SRF) data, to Areas and IHS Headquarters requires regular exports from the Behavioral Health System.

AMH v4.0 Exported Data

AMH v4.0 Patch 9 Application Information

RPMS Suicide Reporting Form

Use of RPMS EHR by Behavioral Health Providers