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Tribal Consultation

The Indian Health Service (IHS) has a unique government-to-government relationship with American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments and is committed to regular and meaningful consultation and collaboration with these Tribes. Consultation is considered an essential element for a sound and productive relationship with Tribes. Tribal Consultation has been affirmed by Executive Order in 2000 and through Presidential Memoranda in 1994, 2004, and 2009.

IHS policy states that consultation occurs when there is a critical event that may impact Tribes, new or revised policies or programs are proposed, or the IHS budget request and annual performance plan are being developed. In support of this policy and the Director’s priorities to strengthen the IHS partnership with Tribes, this website has been designed to highlight our work with Tribes and provide a clearinghouse for information related to consultation efforts. The IHS is committed to making our work accountable, fair, and transparent. View the IHS Tribal Consultation Policy.

Several advisory committees have been established to provide leadership, advocacy, and guidance to the Director on policy and program matters. Additional workgroups and task forces also have been established when new policy changes are proposed. Advisory committee charters, workgroups charges, meeting schedules, and points of contact are all accessible on this site.

Tribal delegation meetings are another form of tribal consultation where elected tribal officials meet with the IHS Director or senior staff to discuss health policy and program management issues related to the provision of health services to the Indian population. Information on visiting delegations may also be found on this site.

It is the Director’s desire that all IHS customers understand the role of tribal consultation in the relationship between the federal government and Tribes. We hope this site enhances our partnership efforts to improve the health of Native communities.

Past Tribal Consultation