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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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IHS Workgroups

Workgroups   Purpose and Membership
Director’s Advisory Workgroup on Tribal Consultation (DAWTC)  

The Workgroup is charged with working in partnership with the IHS Director to recommend improvements on the IHS Tribal Consultation process to make it more meaningful, effective, and accountable. The Workgroup will also meet to review progress on consultation efforts and provide the Director with guidance on general consultation issues.

Members: Composed of 24 tribal leaders, 2 from each of the 12 IHS areas.


Next Meeting:

Contact:CAPT Sandra Pattea, Deputy Director for Intergovernmental Affairs
Office of the Director

Director’s Workgroup on Improving Contract Health Services (CHS)  

The CHS Workgroup is charged with reviewing input on how to improve the CHS Program. They are also responsible for looking at the FY 2001 CHS distribution formula to determine if changes are needed for the new funding beginning in FY 2011.

Members: 2 representatives from each Area Office with elected tribal officials and technical CHS staff.

Meets:2-3 times a year

Next Meeting:TBD

Contact: Carl Harper, Director
Office of Resource Access and Partnerships
(301) 443-2694

IHS Budget Formulation Workgroup (BFWG)  

There is no formal charge (see Tribal Consultation Policy). The workgroup provides input and guidance to the IHS Headquarters budget formulation team throughout the remainder of the budget formulation cycle for that fiscal year.

Members: 1 from each IHS Area with an alternate; 2 co-chairs with an alternate.

Meets: 2 times per year

Next Meeting:January 2013

Contact: Colleen LaBelle, Budget Analyst
Division of Budget Formulation
(301) 443-6967

Contract Support Cost (CSC) Workgroup  

The CSC Workgroup meets to further the federal government's administration of CSC within the IHS. The Agency, in active participation with Tribes, has developed a comprehensive CSC policy to implement the statutory provisions of the ISDA.

Members: The IHS/tribal CSC Workgroup is an open, informal workgroup. Participants include, but are not limited to, federal, tribal, and tribal organization representatives with an interest in CSC.

Meets: as needed

Next Meeting:TBD

Contact: Roselyn Tso,
(301) 443-1083

Information Technology Investment Review Board (ITIRB)  

The ITIRB is the official IHS reviewing body for IT investments, including all major initiatives, funding, and expenditures. The ITIRB will:

  • ensure IT resources support the IHS mission;
  • promote the life cycle management of IT systems as "capital investments;" and
  • ensure the IT system project approvals are based on established selection criteria


Members:FACE Committee with tribal representatives. The ITIRB membership includes 9 permanent members, 2 rotating members, and an ex-officio member.

Meets:Meet (in person, teleconference, or video conference) no less than twice annually.
Required by Clinger-Cohen Act

Next Meeting:

Contact: Phillip Wise, Director, Division of Program Management and Budget, Office of Information Technology
(301) 348-3404

IHS Institutional Review Board (IRB) Chairs Workgroup  

The workgroup holds IHS area IRB conference calls to discuss issues related to the protection of human subjects in the research activities conducted in the IHS, tribal, and urban Indian healthcare system.

Members: Composed of approximately 8-18 individuals to review the Research proposals that need national IRB review. There are IHS, tribal and urban Indian health program and academic representatives.

Meets: Conference call monthly

Next Meeting:

Contact: Dr. Alan Trachtenberg, Acting Director of Research
Office Public Health Support
(301) 443-0578

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