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Clinical Capture and Display

VistA Imaging Capture imports or captures clinical images including, gray scale and color images, scanned documents, and other non-textual data files and makes them part of the patient's electronic medical record.

VistA Imaging Display enables EHR users to view scanned documents and clinical images (photos, radiographs, etc.) that are linked to a patient's electronic record.

The following provides links to the FTP directories and documents for sites preparing for clinical capture training or needing reference materials for both clinical capture and clinical display

Scanning Training Materials

Scanning Policy and Procedures
This directory has policies and procedures written by other IHS or Tribal facilities as examples of HIM Scanning Policies and Procedures.

Approved Clinical Capture Devices
This document contains information on approved document scanners, digital cameras, microscope cameras and other clinical capture devices as well as instruction on the approval process for clinical capture devices that are not on the list.

Requesting New Devices
This directory contains the instructions and forms required for new device approvals.

Scanning Specialist Position Descriptions
This directory contains numerous position descriptions that outline purpose, major duties and responsibilities of scanning positions.