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Getting Started

This page contains links to documents that should be helpful to your facility and staff while preparing for VistA Imaging and after going live. These links will be updated as each document is revised.

REQUIRED! VistA Imaging Site Agreement
This VistA Imaging Site Agreement is written to ensure mutual understanding of the terms of the software used by each proposed imaging facility (the Site or IHS Area) and the IHS VistA Imaging Program Office. Our aim is to guarantee correct operation and efficient support of the system, thus assuring patient safety. The system is legally a medical device. All users must comply with the Quality System Requirements (QSR) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to legally and safely operate the imaging system.

The VI Coordinator will forward the Site Agreement to the appropriate persons. All site agreements must be signed and returned to the VI Coordinator before the VI RPMS patches will be delivered.

VistA Imaging Implementation Checklist [XLS]
This Implementation Checklist will be used during the weekly conference calls with the Vista Imaging Implementation team. It includes 3 tabs:

  • HW Configuration & Setup,
  • Scanning Training
  • Training Attendees list

Storage and Capacity Planning [PDF]
This document provided by HP will assist with measuring daily/weekly/monthly growth rates for VistA Imaging and is useful for long range capacity planning.

Please visit the Radiology (DICOM) page for documents related to the Background Processor, Gateways, Routing and VistARad.