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About YRTCs

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The mission of the Youth Regional Treatment Centers (YRTCs) is to provide quality holistic behavioral health care for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) adolescents and their families in a substance-free residential environment that integrates traditional healing, spiritual values, and cultural identification.

What Makes the YRTCs Unique?

  • Emphasis on AI/AN culture is a central component:
    • Affirming cultural norms of sobriety, responsibility to the tribe, village, band and/or clan
    • Culturally appropriate care (i.e., AI/AN practice-based and evidenced-based practices)
    • Design and location of the centers
    • Program components such as family involvement, alcohol/substance abuse education, food services, and recreation
    • Cultural practices involving healing
  • YRTC treatment services are available to eligible AI/AN youth and families at no cost
  • AI/AN youth have the opportunity to receive treatment in their region

YRTC Focus


More Information

Download the YRTC Fact Sheet
[PDF - 210 KB]

  • The primary focus of the YRTCs is to provide treatment to adolescents who abuse alcohol and/or drugs;
  • The treatment goals include eliminating physical and psychological dependence on alcohol and/or drugs;
  • Treatment of physical and other illnesses identified during treatment;
  • The development of independent living skills;
  • Provision of schooling appropriate to the adolescent's level of academic achievement and needs; and
  • Helping the adolescent to develop and implement an aftercare plan to maintain sobriety after discharge.