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Luana Reyes Leadership Award

Luana L. Reyes

Ms. Luana Reyes was a leader of the Indian Health Service and a lifelong advocate for American Indians and Alaska Natives. In 1970, Luana Reyes served as the Executive Director of the Seattle Indian Health Board and helped found the American Indian Health Care Association and the National Coalition of Urban Indian Health Centers, focusing national attention on the health care needs of Indians in urban areas. Because of her success in Seattle, she accepted the opportunity to further serve in a senior management position at IHS Headquarters in 1982. As the Director for IHS Headquarters Operations, and IHS Chief Financial Officer, she worked to advance the agency in its efforts to meet its federal obligation to provide health care to Indian people. In 2001, the year she died, she was honored with the Presidential Rank Meritorious Award, presented annually to top federal managers for exceptional performance. Her humility, drive, and ability to empower others made her the kind of leader people followed.


This annual honor is reserved for an individual whose professional and/or community involvement demonstrates the kind of leadership that Ms. Luana Reyes exemplified. Nominees for this award must demonstrate exceptional initiative and the ability to maximize the benefits of available opportunities.

Members of senior leadership are not eligible this award.


  • The award is given for demonstrated leadership
  • Achievements with the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of American Indian and Alaska Native people