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Learn about your Total Compensation

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IHS provides many forms of compensation that significantly contribute to employees’ overall experience and make IHS a competitive employer. The total compensation provided to staff includes not only salary, but also the benefits, awards, leave, retirement, educational benefits, workplace flexibilities and other incentives employees receive as part of a rewarding work environment. These are just some of the many ways that IHS recognizes employee contributions.

For personalized information on the total value of employee compensation and benefits, current IHS employees can access the Government Retirement and Benefits (GRB) Platform Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving . Instructions regarding how to create a GRB account and the HHS GRB license number can be found on the GRB section of the  HHS IntranetExit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving . The GRB platform allows staff to view and save a personalized Total Compensation statement that provides a comprehensive picture of many aspects of compensation, including salary, benefits and retirement information. The Total Compensation statement icon is at the top left corner of the GRB platform home page.