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Workforce Resources


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IHS uses all available hiring methods to recruit exceptionally qualified staff in a wide variety of positions.

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IHS Performance Management

puzzle pieces with words relating to performance management

The IHS PMAP is an ongoing collaboration between managers and staff to build a high performance culture.

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USA Performance

Bird's eye view of a table where people are sitting with USA performance paper work

USA Performance enables IHS to automate their performance appraisal process throughout the entire performance rating cycle.

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Diversity Management & EEO

a brick wall with a sign on it that says Diversity and Inclusion

IHS protects the rights of employees and applicants, and promotes a proactive EEO program.

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Ethics & Security/Suitability

a compass pointing to the word ethics

IHS ensures staff meet all security, suitability and ethical standards to further the IHS mission.

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IHS HR staff classify positions consistent with the criteria and guidance issued by the Office of Personnel Management.

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IHS Scholarship Program

a piggybank with a graduation cap on it

The IHS Scholarship Program provides financial support to eligible students in exchange for a service commitment.

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IHS Loan Repayment Program

a notebook with a paper on it that says Loan Repayment Program

The IHS Loan Repayment Program helps IHS clinicians repay their eligible health profession education loans in exchange for a service commitment.

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Employee Relations

a hand with a hovering heart with people icons in it

The IHS Employee Relations Office provides direction for the IHS employee relations program.

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Labor Relations

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The IHS Labor Relations Office provides guidance in all aspects of the labor relations in IHS.

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Indian Health Manual

manuals with bookmarks laying next to a pencil and stethescope

The Indian Health Manual contains IHS policies and procedural instructions.

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