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IT Service Catalog

The OIT Service Catalog was created to describe the overall services offered by OIT (Office of Information Technology). Services offered by OIT are supported by the three major IHS OIT investments and eight standard investments.

Major Investments:

  • IHS Modernization Health Information Technology System & Support (mHITSS)
  • IHS Health Information Technology System & Support (HITSS)
  • IHS National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS)

Standard Investments:

  • IHS Application Standard Investment   
  • IHS Data Center and Cloud Standard Investment
  • IHS Delivery Standard Investment
  • IHS End User Standard Investment
  • IHS Network Standard Investment
  • IHS Platform Standard Investment
  • IHS IT Management
  • IHS IT Security and Compliance

This Service Catalog does not contain project level, federal mandate or initiative level services.

The Service Catalog is structured as follows:

IT Service Desk/Help Desk:  This section provides a detailed overview of TIER 3 OIT support

Service Descriptions: This section provides the description of each service organized by Function Service Category.  Each Service description includes the following:

  • Service Name Functional Category
  • Service Name
  • Service Description
  • What’s Included
  • Service Hours / Availability
  • Service Conditions
    • Prerequisites
    • What is Excluded
    • Customer Responsibility

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