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IT Operations

IT Operations, or the Division of Information Technology Operations (DITO, manages technology deployed for use across the agency, and touches the lives of everyone who interacts digitally with the IHS. From the email sent/received to the web pages that provide information to the people you call for help, IT Operations brings IHS information technology services to you.

IT Operations include:
  • Network Operations - Led by the IHS Network Engineer, this group of federal and contract personnel manage the IHS Wide Area network connecting Federal, Tribal, and Urban facilities that utilize the IHS network. This group also manages the IHS use of the Networx contract.
  • Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) - Led by the ETS manager, this group maintains servers and services provided on an enterprise wide level. They also manage the OIT Data Center located in Albuquerque.
  • Web Services - Led by the IHS Web Services Manager, this group develops and maintains the IHS web presence to the world.
  • Help Desk - OIT operates a help desk located in Albuquerque, NM. While traditionally not tasked as an enterprise wide help desk, it is quickly becoming a help resource that touches the lives of everyone who interacts with the IHS.
  • Rockville Support - This group supports the operations of the IHS HQ including many initiatives with HHS. You can reach Rockville Support at 301-443-2423 or 888-880-1285.
  • Email Team - This group located in Rockville, MD where they have been managing IHS messaging since taking over the management of the email system in 2010. The group provides services to the 21,000 users who rely on email to communicate with the world.

Operations is also responsible for Tier 3 Infrastructure, Office Automation and Telecommunications (IOAT) support for the IHS enterprise via a tiered Service Desk defined as:

The Division of Information Technology Operations (DITO)

  • Tier 1 = Local site support at the Hospitals, Health Care Centers, and Clinics
  • Tier 2 = Regional Areas provide support to their location and to the Hospitals, Health Care Centers, and Clinics assigned to their region
  • Tier 3 = Within DITO, IOAT Teams located at headquarters offices provide support to the Regional Areas as well as their own local area network.

Requests for Tier 3 support are submitted through the OIT National Help Desk located in Albuquerque NM:

  • Phone: 1-888-830-7280 (toll-free)
  • Hours: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm (MT)