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Community health representative: The first tribally contracted program, since 1968 - American indian paraprofessional healthcare providers

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The National IHS CHR Basic and Refresher Trainings - FY10

The National IHS CHR Basic and Refresher Trainings are complete for FY-10

The National IHS CHR Basic and Refresher Trainings are complete for FY-10. CHR Basic (April 19-30, 2010) and CHR Refresher (April 19-24, 2010) were held in Norman, OK were the wind comes sweeping across the plains. Many participants commented, "When does the wind ever stop?" CDR Dione Harjo, Assistant Director of the National CHR Program, who works in Oklahoma and is the CHR Area Office Coordinator, as well, stated, "In the dead of summer when the humidity and heat is high you wonder where is the wind?"

Fortunately, we can report that all the tornadoes and severe weather stayed clear until after the students returned home. There were 30 students who graduated in the CHR Refresher course and 35 students graduating from the Basic course, representing 53 Tribes. All graduates participated in attending required courses throughout their time, sharing information and learning from each other, building skills such as writing effective narratives for their CHR PCCs and taking vital signs and most importantly they developed leadership skills. In addition to the IHS approved CHR curriculum, special guest speakers spoke such as Melany Cueva, RN, M.A. with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium who designs and develops specific paraprofessional educational tools which are culturally appropriate and relevant on cancer topics participated. Melany is quick to note that none of her work would be possible without the community workers (including CHRs) who provide her direction and guidance. When one sits under the teachings of Melany it is very evident that she passionately enjoys teaching about cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and research.

FY-11 CHR Basic and Refresher Trainings are in the planning stages and will be announced through this website, the CHR Listserv as well as communicated through your local IHS CHR Area Office Coordinator.

Training attendees

Training attendees

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