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Contacting Students

In general, contacting students using email has two phases: A) go to the course and B) identify the students to contact.

To contact students using email, follow these steps:

Note: You must be logged in to the CDE website to perform this operation.

A) Go to the course

  1. Click the “My Instruct” tab in main navigation
    image of navigation sidebar with my instruct highlighted
  2. Click the Course Number of the course for which you want to send a message
    image of my instruct page with course id column highlighted

B) Identify the students to contact

Under the Tools on the right side of the page, select the type of email to send based on conditions given.

  1. To send a predefined 12-week notification, click the “Send 12-week notification” link under the Registered Students list
  2. To email registered students, click the “Email Registered Students” link under the Registered Students list
  3. To email attending students, click the “Email Attending Students” link under the Registered Students list
  4. To email waitlisted students, click the “Email Waitlisted Students” link under the Waitlisted Students list beneath the Registered Students list

    Note: Any of these actions will open a new message in your default mail program with students' and supervisors' emails pre-typed
    image of course detail page with email links highlighted as discussed in items B1 through B4
  5. Enter the message that you want to send to the indicated students (you can even change the pre-defined 12-week notification message)
  6. Click the “Send” button to send the email
    image of a sample email with message area and send button highlighted

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