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Instructors / Course Directors


This help section covers the main duties of Division of Oral Health (DOH) Instructors and Course Directors. If you are new to the Division, these terms may be new to you. Instructor is the general term for a person who presents information as part of a course. There can be more than one Instructor for a particular course. Instructors can include visiting lecturers, specialists for a particular aspect of the course, and the like. The Course Director is the single point of contact for the Continuing Dental Education (CDE) Administrator when dealing with a course. There can be only one Course Director per course. The Course Director can also be (and frequently is) an Instructor.

In fulfilling their duties for the organization as related to the online CDE process, Instructors and Course Directors perform many tasks. One important task is uploading a current resume. Other tasks are grouped into:


The pages within the CDE website used for fulfilling these duties are:

  • CDE Home to log into the Indian Health Service (IHS) Internet
  • My Instruct to begin Instructor / Course Director tasks
  • Edit Course to edit and confirm content of a course
  • Course Detail to view registered and waitlisted students lists
  • Add Student to add students to “By Request” courses
  • Track Attendance to enter full attendance and post-course work completion date for a student
  • Track Tuition to issue invoices and receipts for tuition due
  • Attendance Detail to enter partial attendance for a student

All Instructors and Course Directors are encouraged to take the tutorial (Flash or text version) for instruction on the CDE website and main duties.

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