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Division of Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations - Picture of a facility

The Division of Facilities Operations is responsible for activities that support the operation of healthcare facilities to accomplish its ultimate goal: providing a safe, comfortable environment for the delivery of healthcare. This Division is involved in the maintenance, repair, and improvement of:

  • Physical Plant (buildings)
  • Utility Systems (exterior and interior)
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Grounds, Roads, and Parking Lots
  • Building Service Equipment Systems that maintain the physical environment for patient care

Organizing these engineering related services includes assessing the structure, utilities, and equipment, designing modifications, preparing engineering drawings and specifications for repairs and improvements, and troubleshooting major components or system failures. The Division is also responsible for the Realty, Clinical Engineering, and Facilities Environmental Compliance programs.

The mission of the Indian Health Service, Division of Facilities Operations is:

To support delivery of healthcare and preventative services to American Indians and Alaska Natives and to safeguard interests in property. Without functional healthcare facilities, the efficient and effective delivery of preventative and curative services is not possible. The specific goal of the program is to ensure the optimum availability of functional, well-maintained healthcare facilities and staff housing.