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About DFO

The Division of Facilities Operations develops, implements, manages and evaluates the Indian Health Service health care facilities engineering program. The program provides technical and management assistance/support for the IHS health care facilities, staff quarters and engineering activities, including routine operations, preventative and corrective maintenance and repair and improvement of physical plants, resource utilization, and long/short range work planning for the continued growth of the health care facilities. The facilities consist of not only the main clinic or hospital, but supply buildings, garages, and other facilities necessary for a safe and efficient operation. Included with many of the health facilities are the personnel quarters utilized by the employees of the Service Units.

Typical duties for health facilities personnel include the operation of all heating and cooling systems, maintenance of all building fixtures, operation of standby power systems, landscape and parking maintenance. Staff quarters activities include the maintenance of the physical structure, heating and cooling systems as well as fixtures and appliances provided by the Government. Tenants are responsible for maintaining their grounds that surround the staff quarters and normal cleanliness of the homes. The program also accounts for any change in asset value of the real property by reporting the construction costs to the Finance office. Also included within the facilities Management Programs is providing support, funding and expertise in the area of Clinical engineering and medical equipment.

One final duty of Facilities Operations is associated with real property. Land leases and rental agreements are negotiated with the appropriate entities and executed through formal documentation. The Quarters Program, which involves rental rates and occupant management, is the direct responsibility of the Area Real Property Officer.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Develops, implements, and manages the programs affecting health care facilities operations, including the routine maintenance and improvement, real property asset management, quarters, and clinical engineering programs
  • Develops, implements, monitors and evaluates agency program activities, objectives, policies, plans, guidelines, and standardized data systems for health care facilities operations
  • Serves as principal resource for coordination of facilities operations and provides consultation to IHS and the Tribes on health care facilities operations
  • Maintains real property asset and quarters management systems
  • Maintains clinical engineering management systems
  • Formulates financial resources allocation methodologies nation-wide based on need and workload data
  • Maintains nation-wide data on Federal and Tribal facilities for program budget justification
  • Develops and evaluates technical standards and guidelines for health care facilities operations
  • Monitors construction activities and the improvement, alteration, and repair of health care facilities