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Healthcare Facilities Construction Priority System (HFCPS)

The objective of the HFCPS is to identify and prioritize locations requiring space in order to house the programs that provide health and related services. The HFCPS is not intended to identify or prioritize the need for staffing and other resources, although these resources are often added to the IHS recurring base funding when a facility is constructed under some construction programs.

The HFCPS methodology identifies the total need for construction of IHS and Tribal healthcare facilities, and it provides a process for prioritizing that need for each of the authorized facilities construction programs. To accomplish these tasks, the HFCPS Methodology incorporates two related processes that permit IHS to:

  • Develop a ranked, categorized listing of all healthcare facilities needs using limited resources.
  • Use the categories and rankings to focus resources on identifying specific facilities construction projects for more intensive evaluation and possible selection for funding and prioritization under one of the authorized healthcare facilities construction programs.

Background Section 301 of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA), Public Law (P.L) 94-437 directs IHS to provide to Congress a list of the 10 highest priority inpatient and the 10 highest priority outpatient facilities construction projects. In order to comply with this directive, IHS established the HFCPS in 1991.

Visit the IHS Priority System to view or edit the ranking criteria of facilities in your IHS Area.

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