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Mr. Raymond Cooke, P.E. Director 301-443-7315 Overall Program Management and General Office Administration, Budget, Personnel, All IHS Areas in the absence of Program Managers, Healthcare Systems Planning Process (HSP), M&M Projects, Dental Facilities Program.
CAPT John Longstaff, P.E., CDT General Engineer 301-443-1068 Tucson, Oklahoma, California, Albuquerque, Joint Venture Construction Program, Facilities Supportable Space Determinations, National Healthcare Facilities Construction Priority System (HFCPS), Webmaster
CAPT James Ludington, P.E. General Engineer 301-443-1642 Alaska, Billings, Small Ambulatory Program
CAPT Peter Nachod, P.E. General Engineer 301-443-4205 Navajo, Aberdeen, Nashville, Post Occupancy Evaluation Program, Seismic - Icssc, Dfpc Sections Of Technical Handbook
CAPT Steve Raynor, P.E. General Engineer 301-443-1415 Bemidji, Phoenix, Portland, Healthcare Facilities Budget, Vudex