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Mr. Steven Raynor P.E. Director 301-443-1415 Project Areas: Phoenix

Additional Duties: Health Care Facilities Budget, Reports to Congress, Land Purchase, Area Reviews, Healthcare Facilities Construction Priority System
CDR Omobogie Amadasu P.E. Acting Deputy Director 301-443-4751 Project Areas: Alaska, Tucson, Billings,

Programs: Small Ambulatory, Urban

Additional Duties: Floating Positions Health Systems Planning (HSP), DFPC Website, COSTEP, Master Plans, Federal Facilities Council,
CDR Mark Hench P.E. General Engineer 301-443-4614 Project Areas: Albuquerque, Portland, Nashville

Programs: Green Infrastructure, HFAC Executive Secretary

Additional Duties: Supportable Space, Space Validation, Sustainability Committee
Peter Nachod P.E. General Engineer 301-443-4205 Project Areas: Great Plains, Navajo, Bemidji

Programs: Quarters, Post Occupancy Evaluations, YRTC, Dental,

Additional Duties: Planning Document Protoypes
Jim White P.E. General Engineer 301-443-0194 Project Areas: California, Oklahoma,

Programs: Joint Venture Construction, NEF, Techincal Hanbook Reviews, NEPA Consultant

Additional Duties: FPAA, PDRI, Sustainability Committee, Planning Document Prototypes, Technical Handbook Reviews, NEPA Consultant