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The RRM Pharmacy staffing module estimates the requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to distribute and manage the use of medications. The workload parameters that are the key variables in the staffing estimation are Prescriptions per day processed, Average Daily Patient Load (ADPL), pharmacy driven based clinics per day, point of sale electronic claims submitted per day, and Primary Care Provider Visits (PCPVs). The Pharmacy Department consists of inpatient and outpatient services.

Services Description:

The Pharmacy Department consists of inpatient and outpatient activities. Recent changes such as IHS patients receiving care from outside providers with Affordable Care Act coverage and new innovations in the delivery of care such as Improved Patient Care (IPC) have led to expanded pharmacy services such as anti-coagulation, lipid, and other advanced practice clinics.

Staffing Criteria

Inpatient: 24/7 coverage

Fixed Pharmacist staff of 4.00 FTE per location

1 FTE Supervisory Pharmacist


plus 1 FTEs Pharmacist for every 30 ADPL

plus 1 FTE Pharmacist for every 90 ADPL


1 FTEs Pharmacy Technician

Plus 2 Pharmacists for 12 hour coverage with Emergency Department


Not 24/7 coverage

1 FTE Pharmacist

1 FTE Pharmacist Supervisor for ADPL > 10

1 FTE Pharmacy Technician

Alternative Rural Inpatient

1 FTE Pharmacist


Fixed Pharmacist staff of 1.00 FTE per location

plus 1.00 FTE Pharmacist for every 120 prescriptions per day processed

plus 1 FTE Pharmacist for every 6 FTE Pharmacists

1 FTE Supervisory Pharmacist per 8 Pharmacists

Plus 1 FTE Pharmacist per 80 pharmacy driven-based clinic visits/week

1 FTEs Pharmacy Technician for every 120 prescriptions/day processed

1 FTE Pharmacy POS-Billing Technician per 500 Point of Sale electronic claims submitted/day

1 FTE Pharmacy aid/clerk per 600 prescriptions/day processed


Staffing Formulae

Driving Variables:

ADPL - Total
CHP Encounters
Point of Sale electronic claims
Pharmacy based clinics per day

Personnel Categories:

Pharmacy Technician


Personal Category FTEs
Pharmacist (Inpatient) 4.00
Pharmacy Tech (Inpatient) 1.00
Pharmacist (Ambulatory) 1.00


Personal Category FTEs per Driving Variables Min. Max.
Pharmacist (Inpatient) 1 30 ADPL 30 89
  2 90 ADPL    
Pharmacy Technician (Inpatient) 1 30 ADPL 30 n/a
Pharmacist (Ambulatory) 1 120 Perscriptions/day   n/a
  1 6 Pharmacists    
  1 80 Pharmacy driven based clinic visits/week    
Pharmacist Supervisor 1 8 Pharmacists    
Pharmacy Technician (Ambulatory) 1 120 Prescriptions/day processed    
Pharmacy POS Billing Technician (Ambulatory) 1 500 Point of sale electronic claims    
Pharmacy Aid/Clerk (Ambulatory) 1 600 Prescriptions/day processed