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Regional Differences in Indian Health 2002-2003 Edition

Regional Differences in Indian Health 2002-2003 Edition, the companion publication to Trends in Indian Health, provides regional information on the health status of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) based on data from the twelve Indian Health Service (IHS) regional administrative units called Area Offices.

This publication uses narrative, charts, and tables to describe the IHS program and the health status of AI/AN residing in the IHS service area. The IHS service area consists of counties on or near Federal Indian reservations. The AI/AN residing in the service area comprise about 56 percent of all AI/AN residing in the United States. Information pertaining to the IHS organizational structure, and AI/AN demographic and patient care statistics is included. Current regional differences are presented and comparisons to the general population are made when appropriate. Historical trend information can be found in the IHS companion publication entitled: Trends in Indian Health 2002-2003 Edition.

Regional Differences in Indian Health 2002-2003 Edition Files:

Regional Differences in Indian Health 2002-2003 Edition (Entire Book) [PDF - 8.3 MB]


Brochure [PDF - 535 KB]

  • Highlights from the 2002-2003 Regional Differences in Indian Health

Cover Page & Front Text [PDF - 2.9 MB]

  • Title Page
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • Overview
  • Introduction of Regional Differences in Indian Health
  • Summary of Data
  • Sources and Limitations of Data
  • Glossary
  • Sources of Copies and Additional Information

Part 1: IHS Structure [PDF - 1.8 MB]

  • Indian Health Service Structure

Part 2: Population Statistics [PDF - 1.4 MB]

  • Population Statistics

Part 3: Natality & Infant/Maternal Mortality Statistics [PDF - 4.7 MB]

Contents Contents
  • Natality and Infant/Maternal Mortality Statistics

Part 4: General Mortality Statistics [PDF - 11 MB]

  • General Mortality Statistics

Part 5: Patient Care Statistics [PDF - 1.9 MB]

  • Patient Care Statistics

Glossary & Index [PDF - 700 KB]

  • Glossary of ICD-10 Codes
  • Index to Charts and Tables

Covers [PDF - 224 KB]

  • Front and back covers

Please e-mail questions and comments to Kirk Greenway, Principal Statistician and Director, Division of Program Statistics, Office of Public Health Support.