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Program Contacts

Key EHR Program Contacts

Executive Direction:

Susan Karol, MD, IHS Chief Medical Officer

Mark Rives, DSc, MBA, MSCIS, Chief Information Officer, IHS Office of Information Technology

EHR Development Projects Director:
Susan Richards, MSN, ARNP, IHS Office of Information Technology
Ms Richards is responsible for coordinating and directing the development and testing of the IHS-EHR and related applications. Ms Richards also develops and coordinates training and deployment for EHR Clinical Reminders.

Technical Lead:
Steven Thornton, DIT Director, Office of Information Technology
The Director of the OIT Division of Information Technology is responsible for designating staff to oversee development, testing and certification of the EHR applications, technical support for EHR after deployment, and consultation and support on network and technical infrastructure issues.

Deployment and Training Coordinator:
David Taylor, MHS, RPh, PA-C, RN, IHS Office of Information Technology
Mr. Taylor is responsible for developing and coordinating training activities for Clinical Application Coordinators, EHR implementation teams, and clinical users.

Hardware and Network Consultant:
Todd Romero, IT Specialist, Office of Information Technology
Mr. Romero provides consultation to Areas and health care facilities on computer hardware and network requirements for adequate support of EHR.

Project Management:
Jeanette Kompkoff, IT Specialist, Office of Information Technology

Health Information Management Consultant:
Janice Chase, RHIT, Acting Lead, National Health Information Management (HIM) Program, Office of Information Technology

The IHS HIM Acting Lead works with the Area HIM Consultants, to represent the HIM profession in key roles involving the planning, developing and implementing of technology and HIM solutions for administrative and clinical aspects of health delivery using the RPMS/EHR. In addition, policy formulation, data quality, patient privacy, documentation compliance, and overall management of the patient's health record are the responsible of the HIM program.