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Training Courses

RPMS EHR Training Courses

This page contains information and links to training courses offered on the Electronic Health Record.

Please note that not all of these courses may currently be scheduled. Please visit the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Training Page to view schedules for upcoming OIT-sponsored training.

  • EHR CAC & Implementation Team (EHR Essential Skills for CACs) - This course is for facilities that have installed Pharmacy 5/7 and are about to set up the EHR Graphical User Interface. This course teaches how to set up the basic components of the EHR. This course is also offered as a "virtual" training taught via WebEx® and Conference Call. Students participate from their local sites via WebEx, utilizing their own local database.
  • EHR Advanced CAC School - This class is oriented towards Clinical Application Coordinators that have attended Basic CAC School and are using EHR.
  • EHR for Inpatient Pharmacy Informaticist - This five-day course will prepare Inpatient Pharmacy Informaticists for the implementation of the Resource Patient Management System Electronic Health Record (RPMS EHR) within the Inpatient Setting through optimization of the Version 5.0 Inpatient Pharmacy Package.
  • EHR for Outpatient Pharmacy v7.0 - This training is a 5-day training course for working pharmacy staff who are responsible for the RPMS Outpatient Pharmacy package, including maintenance of the Pharmacy files.
  • EHR for Inpatient - This training will provide CACs, Pharmacists, Site Managers, and Inpatient Implementation Team members (to include Nursing and Medical Staff) with basic skills for setting up and implementing the IHS-EHR for Inpatient use at their facility.
  • EHR Laboratory Package for Small Sites without a Laboratory Professional - This class is oriented towards non-Laboratory professionals (i.e., other than Medical Laboratory Technicians [MLT] and Medical Laboratory Technologists [MT]) who are responsible for processing Laboratory Tests at their facilities.
  • EHR for Meaningful Use - This hands-on class provides guidance to Indian Health Service (IHS) healthcare providers seeking to demonstrate meaningful use (MU) of certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology.
  • EHR for Community Health Aide / Community Health Practitioner (CHA/P) - This class provides an overview of the Indian Health Service Community Health Aide / Community Health Practitioner (CHA/P) CHA/P-EHR and its utilization in providing comprehensive patient care.
  • EHR for HIM - This training will provide Health Information Management Professionals with basic skills for supporting the IHS-EHR in addition to delineating recommendations for specific HIM issues. The target audience for this course is the health information management professionals and Clinical Application Coordinators.