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Outpatient Pharmacy

EHR for Outpatient Pharmacy v7.0

The course will cover the applications used by the pharmacy department including: Pharmacy 7.0, Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR), and the Electronic Medical Record (EHR). Additionally, this class will offer tips for using RPMS Outpatient Pharmacy 7.0, including: processing prescriptions, paperless refills, hold/unhold, return to stock/reissue, copy, management reports, and some of the upcoming enhancements.

This course is for Indian Health Care System Pharmacists and Pharmacy Supervisors/Managers directly involved with the implementation, use, and maintenance of the RPMS Pharmacy Suite of Applications. The class will offer general user training the first two days with the management and maintenance functions covered in the final 3 days.

At the end of this intensive training, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss RPMS keyboarding conventions
  • Employ Mailman to (a) set up user parameters, (b) navigate (c) identify bulletins and take appropriate action, (d) recommend groups
  • Utilize the Adverse Reaction Tracking (ART) Package within an Outpatient setting
  • Customize Medication Reconciliation and Patient Wellness Handouts
  • Utilize prescription processing in Pharmacy 7 to (a) process refills, (b) edit or discontinue/re-enter, (c) recognize limitations of "Partial" function, (d) return to stock, (e) issue meds on "Hold" or "Suspense", (e) deleting
  • Processes pharmacy orders from EHR including (a) writing pharmacy notes, (b) notifications, (c) counseling and patient education, (d) IHS specific options
  • Identify pharmacy application patches affecting Pharmacy/Background, Jobs/Menus, and Keys
  • Utilize Pharmacy Data Management (PDM) to maintain (a) drug files (b) drug names, (c) routes, (d) schedules, (e) dosages (f) orderable items (g) NDF matching
  • Review Site Parameters / EHR parameters
  • Develop Pharmacy Policies and Procedures
  • Identify Outpatient Pharmacy Management Reports and how long to keep them
  • Obtain troubleshooting skills including the identification of printer issues and how to resolve
  • Describe upcoming enhancements and functionality that affects the pharmacy
  • Recognize the upcoming patches affecting Pharmacy and locate package and patch documentation